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Written by Cris   
Friday, 14 April 2006

These were given to me by some friends who are readers of this website.  I'm not really sure where they got them, or if they even tried them for themselves, but it is my duty to report my findings here  Cheesy  Thanks Guys!

pork jerky

When I got home last night, a nice suprise was waiting for me on the kitchen counter. 

At first I said to myself- "Hey, Crispy Beef Jerky!  Cool!"

Then I noticed it was actually Pork jerky.  And then I noticed that it was FISH favored pork jerky!

It wasn't even until I was taking these photos that I noticed the unfortunate victim who comprises the little food "preview" window.

But no matter- I got myself a pickle and sat down in front of the TV to watch Survivor and eat my crispy fish flavored pork strips.

I offered some to Kim, but she said "thanks, but no thanks."

I offered some to our cat Stitch(a huge beef jerky fan), but he also decided against it. 

So I was alone in the taste testing....

Actually, they were VERY crunchy, and quite sweet.  And while they may resemble "chicharrones" in appearance and main ingredient, they most definitely do not taste like fried pork skins.  They taste like fish.  OK there, I said it.

They kind of remind me of the crispy salmon skin you can get in a Japanese restaurant.  Not bad  Cheesy 

So in checking out the ingredients, I noticed something wierd.  The label is stuck on top of the printed ingredients.  Interesting.  What were they trying to hide, I wondered...



There you have it.

  PROK.  no wonder they don't taste like chicharrones.


thai town special
Written by Guest on 2006-04-27 08:58:36
Cris and anyone craving these prok treats -- they can be found in L.A.'s Thai Town, right next to the dessicated shrimp snacks and gooseberry pickles. :d
Written by kimncris on 2006-04-27 09:05:00
oooh- goosberry pickles! :) 
thanks for the info! 

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