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No More Pickling Lime? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Cris   
Sunday, 09 April 2006

pickle crisp

In searching for an online retailer to purchase some pickling supplies, I seemed to have discovered that "Ball" is no longer making and selling pickling supplies.  The home canning products were spun off into a new company that still markets under the "Ball" brand-name but is actually "Jarden Home Brands".  They operate the website http://www.homecanning.com/usa/ which has lots of decent information about their products and a store finder where you can look for retailers in your area that carry home canning supplies, but the online "store" portion of the website is a joke.  (for a better online store, try http://www.canningpantry.com/index.html)

 However I could not find pickling lime. Does JHP/Ball no longer make Pickling Lime!?  Look at the big green swoosh in the photo above:

"Replaces Pickling Lime!" Ack!

In side by side tests I found pickling lime really makes a difference in the crispness of the final product.  IT does not need replacing!  I am very skeptical of any product that you mix into the brine and leave to soak in the jar with the pickles because I am afraid that this may effect the taste.

The next time I make pickles, I will have to try "Pickle Crisp" on a jar or two but I'd really prefer my trusty old standby.  If you are eager to make your own pickles and cannot find pickling lime either(Mrs. Wages brand pickling lime is available here so I guess I will be getting this brand instead from now on) you can also just soak the cucumbers overnight in salt water.  1/2 cup salt to 1 Gallon of water should do the trick, but really the lime soak works wonders for really crisp pickles.  If you find an online retailer that sells Ball Pickling Lime, please let me know!

pickling lime


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