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Written by Cris   
Sunday, 10 December 2006

So of all things, now Pickle Juice is now a sports drink!


I haven't found this miracle of science in California yet, but my dad managed to find it in gool old pickle lovin' Dallas at Thanksgiving.

You know what- it's good! It tastes like that last sip of juice left in the jar after all the pickles are gone (don't lie, you've done it).

The only think missing is the pickles to go with it.  For the money, I could get a jar of pickles and have both a tasty sports drink, AND a crunchy snack.  But hey, if you need a quick pickle-me-up during the day or after a long run- why NOT make it pickle flavored.  It beats that wierd gatorade orange flavor.  :)

Here are some pictures of the label for your viewing pleasure

closeup of picklejuice

picklejuice blurb


pickle nutrition





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