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Pickles and Beef Jerky across Europe PDF Print E-mail
Written by Cris   
Sunday, 05 August 2007

Well we just got back from our 3 week adventure across Europe and while the facts are not all in, the place to go for great snacks is Germany and the Czech republic!

As we ate our way from Prague back to England, I can say without a doubt- if you want pickles, don't go to England!  Munich was really paradise for me as I was able to find so many great things in one place.  Beer, Pretzels, Pickles, Dried meat, great sausage, olives -  yum.

Check out my trip report! 




Our first stop was Prague, Czech republic.

We had a nice little apartment that was centrally located and walked all the way from the Castle to Wenceslas square in one day.  When we got to the square, we noticed there are a ton of these hot dog stands there.

and if you look even closer

Okurky.  And they were cheap.  About 20 cents maybe!  Too bad I wolfed them down before a photo could be had, but if you are in Prague,  Check it out!  We did not partake in the sausage however because we were on to Germany the next day and did not want to over-do it.

Also in Prague I found a little deli by our apartment that  sold these great little open faced ham sandwiches and dried sausage

These pickles were enough to hold me over until Germany.

After Prague we were off to Munich.

In Munich they certainly know how to do beer.  Prague was no slouch on beer either, as these giant ones we had at lunch were about $1

But in Munich you can get an enormous pretzel to go with it!!

Check out this baby

The beers here went by names which descibe the color or what it is mixed with like Helles, Dunkle, Weisse, Radler etc.  We got the Helles, which essentially I guess was regular Lowenbrau.  Anyway- that's what everyone was drinking so that is what we got too.

The next day we took the train to Salzburg and visited the Castle.  In the giftshop I spotted these little babies.


 It seemed like a German SLim Jim, so I bought one.  Yep- Slim Jim.  The mascot isn't quite as tough looking as Macho-Man Randy Savage though. :)

A couple of days later we went to visit the Castle Neuschwanstein.

At the train station I found a bakery selling pretzels 3 for 1 euro.  So Breakfast pretzels it was.

Later that day we came accross a shop selling prezels and landjager.  Since I had had the landjager in Texas, it was a no brainer to try it here.

And I have to say, that the little store in Dallas has got it exactly right.  I might have even liked the Texas verison better because you could get it with jalepeno spice.  Either way- prezels and sausage was an awesome snack for a rainy day at the castle.

Back in Munich we decided to check out the Viktualienmarkt  in the old part of town. 

Here there was plenty of sausage and beer.  We got to try a real german bratwurst

and also something that translates as LiverCheese - but it was really like a kind of balogne served hot on a roll.  You can find it at any of the little sausage shops

and then we hit the mother load

tons of olives (I got 5 kinds!)

The pickled artichokes were great too.  I don't think you can make them out in this photo.

And a pickle specialist!

with 5 varieties!

I tried Garlic, Spicy, Salty, and Pepper.  I think Spicy was my favorite, but they were all good.  My German friends were starting to laugh at me for trying so many Smiley

After Germany we moved on to France and England.  The snacks there were good too, but more like cookies and pastries.  At least until we got to Harrods.

At Harrods you will not find a freshly made pickle to save your life, but they do at least have a VERY large meat shop.  I found this beef jerky or "billtong" to be quite tasty. 

The exchange rate made it quite expensive, but at least they give you the option to pay in US dollars, so I didn't get hit with the foreign currency charge on my credit card.

From London we made a day trip up to York where we had some amazing fish and chips

and then discovered Mr Sandwich on the little street know as "the Shambles".

a sandwich for a pound!  Even after just eating, I had to have one.

I'm a little sad I didn't try the coronation chicken, but the sausage and pickle one was nice too Smiley  And I only had just the one pound.

anyway- there's plenty more of Europe to tell- but we certainly had some great snacks too.




Written by Guest on 2007-08-15 15:48:11
I live in London, and I can tell you, it is WAAAY to pickle barren. I go to a special "canadian" store in Covent garden just to get dill pickles of the most mundane variety. 
Its a tragedy. 
Love the blog! 

Hand to Mouth
Written by kimncris on 2007-08-15 18:17:30
he he :) We did find a jar of OK ones at Harrods in the basement grocery store, but I really was hoping for the big variety like we found in Munich. 
I joked that I should move to the UK and set up shop selling dill pickles to my German friend, and he said he hoped I didn't because I would be ruined!  
anyway- glad you liked the story and thanks for the tip! I'll know where to go next time we're in London :) 
:d Cris

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