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Written by Cris   
Wednesday, 25 January 2006

milageIf you live in Texas or Oklahoma, you must have heard of it.  Being most recently from California, my first introduction to Robertson's "Real" Beef Jerky was two years ago at my Dad's 60th birthday party.  My uncle walked into the room with a very large clear canister full of long dark brown slices of dried meat.  He gave the canister to my dad and remarked, "We stopped by Robertson's on the way down."  I thought to myself, "Beef Jerky good enough to warrant a special trip? Now this I've got to try." When the canister was cracked open later I finally got to sample the good stuff.  Oh yes- it was good.  I even was given a nice little bag to take home with me on the plane.  It didn't last long- and I lost the web address...

So when we were in Texas this past Christmas and a trip to my Uncle's house was in the making, I joked, "Can we swing by Robertson's on the way?"  Well- unfortunately the trip was cancelled due to illness.  Bummer- no beef jerky and no visit with the family :(

But then the next morning I awoke to my mom and dad visiting the Robertson's website looking for the nearest locations!   It turned out that the nearest location was the original one in Marietta, Oklahoma.  Yes folks, the three of us were going to drive 180 miles round trip from Dallas to Marietta to get one of the greatest Beef Jerkies in the world!

Well it really wasn't that long of a drive and we broke it up with a stop at Taco Bueno (another weakness) but after a few hours we started seeing the billboards on the side of the road.   And then finally, this one :) 





We were almost there.  And then finally we arrived.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was just like I'd pictured.  A little meat shop on the side of the road. 





It appeared that they were actually more famous for their hams and other smoked meats.  In fact, the people in the shop were raving about the Smoked Roast Beef- but I was on a mission. 

I did take a few pictures of the inside of the store.  There was a small finishing smoker, a deli counter and a few tables where you could eat your sandwiches.  


 And yes- the stuff we came for.






It comes in 1 1/2 pound and 1 pound jars  and also in smaller bags.  

We bought a few bags and a large container and headed out.  We must have only been in the store for 15 mins tops.  Not only did they have the jerky- but we also left with a small baggie of free pickles :)

bag of happy




It was a long way to drive for such a short stop, but it was worth it, and as we headed home we were treated to a fantastic Texas sunset.





the jerkySeriously- this is the best Jerky I have ever tasted.  They do it the old fashioned way with salt, spices and real smoke. No soy sauce and no sugar, so It comes out very dry and very crisp, which is probably why they cut it into long thin strips.  You can just break off a little and then start chewing.  At once the smoky beef flavor hits you.  To me- it tastes like the old west.  Like a campfire meal.  I highly recommend it, which is why it will be our very first Jerky of the Month.

bagsRobertson's Hams, Inc.
110 N. Wanda Street
Marietta, OK  73448
1-800-654-4012 · Fax (580)-276-3396


If you try some, please be sure to come back here and let us know what you think!

oh my
Written by Sunnye on 2006-04-28 15:53:43
Wow, what a venture, very cool. 
love the green font and emots 
But Pop was turning 60, not 50. Justhave to say that.
re: oh my
Written by kimncris on 2006-02-01 11:56:54
he he- oops! 
I'll fix that :)
Robertson's trip
Written by Pop on 2006-02-07 21:02:18
Great account of our trip. I agree that Robertson's is the "very best" beef jerky! It was well worth the trip. Not to mention the free pickles we got! We may go back to Marietta for catfish and if we do we will be sure to swing by Robertson's and get some more jerky and send it out to you (or bring it in person). From now on every pickle I eat will be judged to see if it warrants mention in this web site. I like what you did with the photos. They are certainly more clear with the click & enlarge feature. :)
Written by kimncris on 2006-02-07 21:22:38
thanks :) I can't wait! 
I think I may have convinced some of the guys at work to order some too! 
Written by Guest on 2007-01-06 14:15:02
I live in south East Kansas and grew up taking trips to dallas with my dad, and along the way we always stop at robertsons for a couple of punds of jerkey and some of the jalepeno summer sausage. and it is absolutely amazing! everything is! I am now in my mid 20's and when my parents ask what i was for christmas every year, i always say " i don't care as long as theres some robertson's in there." It has become a legend in my family, and whenever someone has some, all of the sibblings are trying to steal the canister from the others! Actually, I'm eating some right now!
Written by kimncris on 2007-01-07 11:39:43
What a great Christmas present! (I got 2 pounds for Christmas myself ) :grin  
you are making me hungry- time for a snack I think. Thanks for the great story! 
Beef Jerky and Ham Sandwiches
Written by Guest on 2007-04-12 12:35:40
I would like to thank you for the kind words about our store and the 
products sold there, glad you enjoy them..............Clay Robertson
You are welcome
Written by kimncris on 2007-04-12 12:55:47
Yuo are welcome, Clay.  
I hope to visit again someday, but until then we have the internet! 
Written by Guest on 2007-05-17 07:28:30
I recently bought a small summer sausage in a clear wrapper at a store in Ada, OK. It was very flavorful and I noted that it was made in Marietta, OK and I think it may have been from your business. Do you sell small summer sausages that are dried similar to jerky in clear wrappers without any advertisement information on the package? I loved it and would like to possibly make a large wholesale purchase. It was perfect, tender but not greasy, with a delicious flavor. I hope you are the producer. Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks.
Written by kimncris on 2007-05-17 08:40:11
I am just a fan, but try contacting Robertsons here 
Robertson's Hams, Inc. 
110 N. Wanda Street 
Marietta, OK 73448 
1-800-654-4012 Fax (580)-276-3396 
Written by Guest on 2007-07-25 22:00:39
I have to be mailed my Beef Jerky now because I moved from Texas to Oregon. It doesn't last long. Thanks to my friends. 
There use to be a Robertson's store where I'm from in Wills Point. It was still open when I moved up here in 2004. Go out I-20 East from Dallas to FM47. Its a lot closer than Marietta if it is still open.

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